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Military Spouses

Military spouses often face challenges in finding and maintaining employment due to frequent relocations and other unique circumstances associated with military life. Despite their valuable skills and qualifications, they are frequently overlooked in the recruitment process.


Recognizing and addressing the barriers military spouses encounter in the job market is crucial for promoting inclusivity and harnessing the full potential of this skilled and resilient workforce.

At Vantage, we're dedicated to helping military spouses find fulfilling employment opportunities. We understand the challenges they face due to frequent relocations and other unique circumstances. That's why we offer personalized support, including career guidance, job matching, and resume assistance, to ensure they can secure jobs that fit their skills and goals.

We believe in the importance of community and collaboration. Through our platform, we connect military spouses with employers and industry professionals, fostering networking and mentorship opportunities. By building strong relationships and providing ongoing support, we empower military spouses to navigate their career paths successfully despite the challenges of military life.


Together, we're working towards a future where military spouses are recognized, supported, and fully integrated into the workforce.


You can also join our Military Spouse Professional Networking Group

by clicking above.

Honesty encourages open communication and that's what we strive for and we believe strongly that this begins at the leadership level.


When you sign up with Vantage, as a client, a candidate or a staff member, you become invaluable to us. In return, we will do our best to give you our time, effort and full attention to help get you where you need to be.


Though the terms are not interchangeable, this core belief carries inclusion too. An inclusive workplace doesn’t just have a diversity of people present, it has a diversity of people involved, developed & empowered. 

Our goal is to balance the planet, our people and profit to produce success and viability in the long-term. We check our suppliers to maintain sustainable purchasing policy in our office, we set ourselves yearly reduction targets and we monitor our investments to ensure we are not inadvertently supporting fossil fuels, deforestation or weapons.

When Clients, Candidates or Employees don’t feel that their requirements, ideas  or contributions are heard, valued or taken seriously, they will eventually leave. We strive to go that extra mile for our people, to be here to listen, think and guide in all capacities.




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