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Where Do You Pitch A Candidate's Salary?

We ask our Manager Director Melissa France where you pitch a candidate's salary in this inflated marketplace? This is what we learned:

What evidence of salary increases have you seen over the last 12 to 24 months?

I've seen so many and i think it's been quite marked the differences in salaries to probably two to three years ago to what we're seeing now.

We've had some clients that have reevaluated their pay structures and in

some cases, they've had to increase their basic salaries by £20 to £30,000 for a sort of

mid-senior level developer. That's often in locations where they're looking for

people on a hybrid perspective but in general we've definitely seen companies that have had to reevaluate what they're paying and what their pay structures are in order to get the right candidate it's for sure.

Why do you think this is?

I think that post-Covid, the market has come back with a bang that i don't think anybody expected. And I think from what we specialize in, which is software

development, everything went online so software developers have become even more significant than they were before. I think the change in terms of hybrid and

remote working has definitely changed things a little bit because before it was much less common to have fully-remote opportunities and I'd say now, companies are really looking at that and I think that's sort of shaken things up. I think, dare I say

it, post-Brexit has meant that candidates don't have to be in the uk to work with some of our companies anymore.

So all of those things combined have just meant that you know there's been this significant demand and there's not enough candidates to fill that demand. So, as a result, we're seeing salaries go up to try and attract the best candidates and what a

candidate's response, it's really interesting. I had a candidate that I placed not that long

ago who lived in a part of the U.K. that they had to be remote there weren't really very

many opportunities for companies and their opportunity for roles was really


The last 6 to 12 months, the opportunity for roles has just increased significantly for them so candidates are really looking at their position and looking at how like all

companies how they've been treated through the Pandemic and wondering whether they can improve their salary, or their level or their progression opportunities. I've certainly seen candidates in some really far-flung parts of the U.K. on much lower salary levels for obvious reasons that are now looking at potentially London firms that they

didn't have access to before. Also the clients are wary of candidates just looking from for a monetary uplift which, as a recruiter, we'd always be wary of. If you know you want people that want to work for your business - not just come for the salary and on

the flip side you want people that you know candidates should be. Everyone

should be looked after in their current family, they should be paid what they're


I've seen many stories on LinkedIn where companies have paid more to hire someone and then uplifted their existing team. I love that attitude if that's what the market's saying you got to pay, that's what the markets say you've got to pay. But yeah, we're

definitely seeing people that like sort of from further afield looking at those

fully remote roles that weren't available before and then looking at their salary.

How do candidates gauge their worth?

Like all things, they look at jobs that are advertised... recruiters - it's a question that we get asked all the time: what's the potential salary? About other candidates sort of saying that they've seen colleagues leaving for significantly more and that meant that they realized that they were quite underpaid against markets. All of those things really - not all roles advertise salaries but quite a lot do. They're just using all the tools around them.

Do you see this changing anytime soon?

For the first time this year, we've definitely seen signs that the market's settling a little bit and you know we have many clients and quite rightly so that have got pay structures that they're not willing to break just for one person. And they have benchmarks based on level of experience etc and they all do sort of like a technical interview so they try and gauge what level candidates are coming in.

The challenge for us is that you want people to be moving for the right reasons obviously. It's in all of our interests to get people something better than they were on before but you want to ensure you're pitching the candidate at the right level in the first place.

I've definitely had a situation where a candidate wanted probably more than what I put them forward for put them out of the running for an interview so it's about sort of managing that without us further exacerbating sort of salary inflation. But also making sure people are getting what's right for their worth and all of those things combined is

probably what we have to juggle on a day-to-day basis.

You can watch the full interview on our YouTube channel:

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